Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Just stuff & random thoughts I have had about my big brother.

Kenneth Lee Spencer
9/8/54 - 01/30/10

I miss you bro.

Before we had younger siblings we shared a bedroom.

I used to go play on the playground during his little league baseball games.

He used to tickle me till I screamed.

We used to walk to elementary school together.

He carried me around the neighborhood on his shoulders when he and his friends snuck out of the house to go pick muscadines in the neighbors yards.

He carried me home when I fell off my bike and slid down Lambeth Lane on the back of my hand and burned all the skin off when I was nine years old.

We would walk to Playland Skating rink together.

He had a white mouse named Herman and a green iguana named Shalom.

I have always wondered if he and one cousin were "kissing cousins" once upon a time???

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,Me & Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin

My friends thought that he was cute.

He ruined what was supposed to be my first "boy / girl" birthday party cause he had to have an emergency tonsillectomy and Mom wasn't there to make it all work. (She had to stay wth "him" overnight in the hospital). I was really upset.

He had a white Mustang with blue interior. He put "Hang Ten" gas and brake pedals in it.

He gave me my first "rock & roll" album. It was Three Dog Night's Golden Biscuits album.

He would pick me up and let me drive his car even when the tires were bald and the brakes were bad and the speedometer didn't work.
Shhhh, don't tell Mom and Dad.

He caught his apartment on fire because he was repairing his motorcycle in the kitchen and a spark ignited gasoline fumes and then BAM! It made the local news. As I child, I thought this was funny!

I celebrated my High School graduation night at his house.

He taught me and my husband how to play darts.

Happy one point he used to always say this as we said "Bye, see you later."

He taught my kids how to hunt for sand fleas on the on the beach to use as fish bait.

He used to work for a company called A Smile and he used to bring me sample pairs of jeans. If I remember correctly he told me that some of the styles were never sold here in Atlanta. Nobody had jeans like me.....hard to believe I used to be samlple size. LOL

I used to sneak into his bedroom and listen to albums with him. Mom didn't wnat me to do it cause some fo the songs had bad words.

He was a volenteer firefighter for Marineland, FL.

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