Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting Reacquainted

There is a lot to be said in favor of the current craze in the on-line social networking sites. One in particular has helped me re-connect with many friends from years gone by. What is amazing to me is that we are actually getting reacquainted and building new memories together and not just re-hashing old ones. The fact that we still have things in common with each other after all this time is another fact that surprises me. There have been a few instances where the friendship just doesn’t work like it used to but all in all I have had many more successful reunions.

Another individual I have been getting reacquainted with is my ex-husband of almost 23 years. He refuses to call me his ex-wife. He introduces me as the mother of his children. This journey is very strange. Strange in a good way though. We have talked through many of our past issues and agreed to leave other buried in the past. We were both very young and dumb and there are just certain things that we really should just leave alone. We are in the process of trying to figure out what is important individually and to each other. We have yet to decide where this is going and I for one have decided not to analyze it too much. If nothing else we are hoping to be good friends.

We have also had to try to manage the expectations of our now adult children. We have made it a point to let them know that we are spending time together. Their reactions have been fun to watch. One told me that the only important thing was that I was happy and doing what I wanted to do. Another finally admitted to the secret dream that the parents would one day reunited. Then there is the one that can’t seem to stop grinning from ear to ear whenever the subject comes up in our conversations.

The strangest part is that we are still the same people. The same attractions are still there but at the same time we are very different. We are keeping and revisiting the good memories and guarding ourselves from the not so good ones while we also begin the process of trying to create new memories. We shall see. Fantasies do become reality on occasion.

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  1. and this fantasy appears to be about over I believe. At least we are friends and like to see each other now and then.