Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another News Update Post

So here I am again posting after a very long time.....what to tell....

Matthew is now a single father, he has custody of Jacob (now almost 3) and that is a good thing for all concerned. They are living in a townhouse in Oakwood. Matthew has a new lady in his life and I think they are very good together.

Jodie and Jared did indeed get married on Labor Day weekend 2007. They bought a house in April 2008. I just found out that I am going to be a Nana again. They think the baby is due in late September 2009. We will know more after she goes to her doctor.

Jennifer has now been out on her own for a couple of years. They are living in a nice 4 bedroom house not to far from her sister. She has a new man in her life who appears to take very good care of her and the girls. I think that they kinda like him too. :-)

I bought a house in June, 2008. It is a double-wide mobile home in Buford. It sits on a large lot. Me, who doesn't like to do yard work now has a very large yard. Go figure. I like the house itself. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Just enough room. There is also a good sized storage shed out in the back yard. It has a nice front porch and a large back deck. Which is wonderful for entertaining in the summer time.

Taylor had to have emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix just after the school year started. She is just fine now but it was a scary thing for her and the family to have to go through.

I broke my ankle at the end of September 2008 and had to be in a cast for 6 weeks so I couldn't drive. Fortunately I was able to work from home which saved me from dying of boredom.

Thanksgiving was celebrated at Jodie and Jared's new home. Both sides of their family attended. I think the final total of people they served was 29. It was a lot of fun and they did a great job and were excellent hosts. It was their first Turkey too!

Jennifer and Eric served Christmas dinner for both of their families and once again we had a great time and food was most excellent. Jennifer had the house decorated to the hilt as always.

Our last event of 2008 happened the day after Christmas when Mom fell and broke her hip. She had to have surgery and the then spent 20 days in a re-hab center. She has just come home this very week. She is doing well but has some more work to do in order to be completely recovered. She is so determined that I am sure she will be there soon.

My sister Ann and her family came down from North Carolina while Mom was in the hospital. This was a planned vacation trip for them, they just hadn't planned on the hospital part. They were here for New Years Eve so my nephew came over to my house as did all 4 of the grandkids to spend the night. We popped popcorn and watched movies until it was time to watch the peach drop at midnight. Everyone except little Jacob made it all the way to midnight. He was down for the count at 8:30. I had a blast and hope it can he repeated again next year. I think we will decorate and have hats and noise makers next year.

So now I think that I am caught up on the basics. Let's see if I can be more consistent in posting this year. Not sure who really wants to read this stuff but I will do it anyway.

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