Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Year of Change Update

So, how is my year of change going?  I would say rather quickly in some aspects and very slow in others.  I say quickly because it has already been over three months since my job ended and I still don't have a new position.  Of course I just now started to seriously search for one so I can't complain about that.  I have been enjoying time with with the g-kids doing summer time things.

It is going slowly in the weight loss department, once again that is on me as well.  I am just now getting a hold on my eating habits and have started losing weight.  I joined a gym as well and I am surprised to discover that I kind of like it.  I work out with a trainer once a week and do cardio an additional five days a week.  So I am at the gym every day except Sunday.  So hopefully the weight will start coming off a little better.

I also had surgery on my left foot in April and am still in the recovery process for that as well.  Went to the doc yesterday and he said that everything is progressing normally.  I will be going back to physical therapy because the scar tissue needs to be broken up which entails manipulating the tissue using a high amount of pressure and I can't do that to myself.  It is painful.  I know that this is minor compared to what other people go through for surgeries and injuries but I will freely admit that I am a wimp.  I will go through this stage without complaining.  It will pass.

I have one more hurdle to get through though and this one is more a matter of the soul.   I am searching for a new church.  Not because I am unhappy with the one I currently attend but because my heart is being lead in a different ministry direction which means that I must move on.  I need to actively start that search as well and stop Internet surfing and actually start visiting.  I get so timid when I have to go do something by myself for the first time. (I wouldn't have gone into the gym for the first time without my sister taking me with her).

Overall life is good.  I just have to stop procrastinating and move forward in a more focused manner

God's Blessings to everyone who stops by to read.

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