Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012-The Year of Change....Progress?

Weight loss appears to be going well in spite of the fact that I constantly sabotage myself. It is very humbling to realize there is no such thing as will power. I know that I personally have absolutly none. The only way I am going to be successful in my quest for a healthier me is to constantly be reminded that God is the only one in control. By myself I'm just a glutton.  Hard lesson indeed but acknowledging this and embracing this truth has given me great peace. I sure was tired of trying to do it on my own.  Oh yeah, lets not forget the good news...the scale tells me I'm ten pounds lighter than I was just one month ago.

On to the second phase of a healtier me. I found out why my foot has been hurting so bad for the last year. I have plantars faciitis. So far I have had a cortizone injection and have been signed up for six weeks of physical therapy. I'm trying to be a patient patient.

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