Saturday, October 01, 2011

Going through the motions......

With all of the recent news and activity that has been going on in our family; weddings, birthdays, a new precious grandson on the way, you would think that my mind would be on track and my heart would be secure. Unfortunately that has been the farthest thing from the truth in my mind for several months now.

I thought that when I found out my exit date from the company that I would be able to start making plans about who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do when I grew up. Instead I seem to be stuck in neutral. I have had to begin taking medication for depression and anxiety added to the have high blood pressure and acid reflux. Combining my vitamins and Rx drugs together I take 9 pills in the morning when I wake up and almost the same amount before I go to bed. I feel a lot older than I should. I also need to lose weight which would be a great help in correcting all of the above.

The issues I listed about are just my physical state. Spiritually I have been walking around in a dry land. Last night I was at church for a time of worship, prayer and communion, During my personal prayer time I became acutely aware of scriptures that where running through my head and where directed straight to my spirit. "Be Still" , "I have plans for you", "I'm right here, I'm not leaving you.", "Be Still", "You are my daughter", "I care for you" , "I know what you need and I will provide".

So, as I start today with these assurances held close to my heart; I will move forward with the intention of being fully engaged in the world around me; because even though I don't know what or where it is right now.....the is a place for me because my heavenly Father said so. Not that this is a magical formula and all my woes have disappeared but I have been reminded that God my Father hasn't disappeared either.

Blessing to all!

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