Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Grazing Issues

Why do I eat so well at work and not at home, besides that fact that I pack my lunch? Most days I am perfectly fine at work and not tempted to sneak snacks that are lying around. I don’t go to the coffee shop and normally the vending machines do not call my name. But when I get home? That’s a different story.

I would say that three nights out of seven I graze from the time I walk in the front door until I turn out the light at bedtime. The only good thing about this right now is that I joined Weight Watchers seven weeks ago so there in nothing in my house that is “unhealthy”. So far I have lost 10 pounds; which is great. I am not knocking the weight loss at all. I am very happy about it. I just know in my heart of hearts it could be more if I could just get this grazing issue under control.

It really doesn’t matter if everything you eat is healthy if you eat two days worth of groceries in a four hour period. Yes, I am exaggerating a bit. It is a problem. I need to find a distraction....a distraction that doesn’t cost any money cause on top of the weight issues I also have to deal with money issues. My issue with money is that I don’t have enough of it and what I do have I don’t always manage very well. No I am not whining...and I don’t feel sorry for myself. I am just trying to puzzle out what I am going to do about it.

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